Roofing Services


Our services are designed to help building owners and managers make fact-based decisions about their roofs.

 A roof consultant provides roofing expertise and knowledge to a building owner without pressuring them into assessing a registered supplier to ensure quality control and a comprehensive roofing package.

roof inspections
Roofing Inspectors
scope of work
Scope of Work
roofing repair replacement
Roof Repair/Replace
bill of quantities
Bill of Quantities
roof ass
Roof Assessments
leak analysis
Leak Detection
structural audits
Structural Audits
roof problem identify and solve
Problem Identification | Solution

An inspection is essential if you are building, selling, buying, or investing in property.  Every day houses are being sold and bought with various hidden defects.  Our inspection services are always in the interests of the client concerned and are irrevocably unbiased.

If you are not a building expert, you won’t know what to look out for and will most likely only focus on the features and obvious aspects needing repair.  It is also very unlikely that you will climb into the roof or check for any underlying sources of damage.